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Are you a teacher or administrator in a school along the original railway line? If so, we should talk. We want input from educators to help us create an experience that is relevant, engaging and fun.

If you are interested in becoming a Roadmaster, please visit this page and complete the short form. You can help us make COR a fun, exciting and uniquely Canadian experience... MORE

Welcome to the Canadian Online Railway (COR),
an interactive website, video library and archive dedicated to bringing the history of communities along Canada’s railways to students.

Students will learn about Canadian unity, history, and citizenship in this unique online environment. COR engages students with its unique resources and interface; archival photos, filmstrips, video and articles are used along with community stories and Lesson Plans contributed by our members.

Explore the full scope of COR:

COR Experience
The COR Experience is an online, interactive learning tool, full of original imagery, videos, and more.

COR Express
The COR Express website travels the route of the original rail lines, allowing both the public and educational institutions access to information about the communities that built up around the rail Sidings. Content for the Express site is provided by our Roadmasters.

COR Roadmaster Program
Roadmasters add new content to the site. Teachers and administrators working in schools and communities along the original railway make perfect Roadmasters, securely contributing new content to the website for the benefit of other schools across the country. This may include student work, local history, etc. Become a Roadmaster.


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Get inside tips about features and technologies being used, and get a head start on planning how COR can be integrated into your classroom.


Produced with the financial participation of Telefilm Canada Administrator of The Canada New Media Fund funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage
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